How easy is it to count cards while playing online blackjack?

  • Jan 20, 2021

In simple terms, counting cards is a way of keeping track of the high and low cards left with the dealer. When you have a rough idea of the cards left with the dealer, you can make better decisions of hitting, standing, or surrendering. Card counters have a definite advantage over other players as they do not play only based on their luck. You will have to remember that this is not a cheating strategy or a method to always win games. card counting is an added skill that will make you a better player when you play on reputed websites like The better you learn this skill, the more are your chances of winning.

How does card counting work?

Most physical casinos do not let players count their cards. In fact, if they suspect someone doing it, they can prevent the player from playing again. With online casinos, however, that is not a problem. You can comfortably count cards while playing. Websites like let you choose your own pace to play and offer both virtual online blackjack games and live online blackjack games. Counting cards will not work with virtual online games where the cards are shuffled by a machine though. You can only count cards when a dealer is manually handling the decks. Here are a few steps to follow to successfully count cards. These steps will make you a better card counter.

  • Start by assigning +1 to lower value cards, -1 to higher value cards and 0 to cards in between.
  • When your dealer keeps pulling out cards, keep tallying the count.
  • Using this count, you will be able to identify if the dealer has high valued or low valued cards left on the deck.
  • Once a round is over, if your tally count is negative, increase your bet and if it is positive, lower your bet.

These four steps formulate a basic strategy to count cards as you play. Usually, players assign a value of +1 to cards valued between 2 and 6. They assign 0 for cards with value 7,8 and 9. -1 is assigned for cards 10 to ace. As the dealer keeps pulling out a card, you add or subtract 1 to your tally. Once the round has ended, if your tally is negative, it means there are more lower-valued cards on the deck. If you tally is positive, it means the dealer is left with higher-valued cards. If you count cards right, you get a 1% edge over the casino and that can mean great winnings on higher-value betting tables.

Pros and cons of card counting

There are a lot of advantages of card counting. With the right practice, you can start breaking even in a few games and will start winning over time. Card counting will help you make logical decisions that will lower your risk of losing. You will need just one strategic game to strike gold and make awesome money. All you need is to be patient with counting cards and keep playing multiple games to give you an edge. Another great advantage of card counting is the fun you can have with it. If you are a person who loves strategies and calculations, you will enjoy secretly counting cards and making bolder moves every game you play.

There are certain cons or disadvantages of card counting too. As mentioned above, you cannot count cards if a machine is shuffling the cards after every round and is throwing random numbers to the table. Online blackjack casinos use this method to push away card counters. Some casinos consider card counting as cheating and can deny playing rights to online players if they take a longer time to deal with cards. If the deck is not penetrated enough, counting cards won't be very effective. You will have to be ready to play multiple rounds in the beginning and lose money to start gradually winning. Many players give up halfway and end up losing their deposits.

How to win by counting cards during an online blackjack game

Card counting alone will not help you win online blackjack games. You will have to follow basic gaming strategies and have cheat sheets in hand before you start playing an online blackjack game. If you are not able to mentally keep a count on the cards, you can also use a card counting device as long as you play online. It would be great if you can start by practicing in low-betting tables to gain confidence in the process. The more you practice, the better will you get at casually counting cards. There are many free blackjack games online that you can use for practicing. Build up the skill of counting cards during online games and improve your odds of winning.


Is it possible to count cards in online blackjack games?